Animal Health


Turkey Foot Ranch is committed to treating its animals humanely and ethically and to using sustainable farming practices. Raised in this natural environment, our animals are healthy. Minerals (sea salt and kelp mill) are given as a free choice for maintaining and building a healthy immune system.

Low Animal Stress

Our animal???s live low stress lives out in the pasture, eating their natural diets of various grasses and other forage plants. Low-stressed animals are healthier animals. We also practice low stress handling techniques when working with our animals

No Antibiotics, Steroids, or Growth Hormones

Feedlot cattle spend their days in overcrowded, stressful confinement, standing in their own manure and eating unnatural diets of corn and other processed feed that is not natural to their digestive system. Because of these conditions, antibiotics and other chemicals are used to treat and prevent sickness. Additionally, to increase growth and shorten feeding time the cattle in these feedlots are given growth hormones and steroids.

While grass-fed beef grows more slowly than corn-fed beef, we are proud to raise our animals in the natural way without antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. Raised in this natural environment with a natural diet, there is rarely a need for antibiotics or other drugs. If a calf ever does get sick, (we haven???t had a sick animal in over 10 years) we do treat the animal accordingly and try to save it, but we then sell it to a commercial firm.

Less Risk of Diseases for Animals & People

Unlike grass-fed conditions, feedlot conditions are ripe with illness and thus require the use of antibiotics, some of which are the same ones used in human medicine, which can cause new bacteria-resistant strains that threaten animal and human health.

Since Turkey Foot Ranch raises its animals in low-stress, uncrowded, healthy environments, there is a significantly lower risk for diseases for animals and people, including E. coli infections. Our animals never receive antibiotics. Read more at??